ACAF Educational Library

The materials in ACAF's Educational Library address a wide range of topics from our annual Convention and Expos related to asphalt pavements, from development, testing and design to performance, governmental policy, and economic factors.

The educational library is divided into three sections:

  • Presentations given at Annual ACAF Conventions
  • Presentations given at Annual ACAF Expo & Conferences
  • Webinars


2023 — Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Who is A.P. Bolton?

  • Jamie Hill - Gardner Asphalt Solutions

Florida DOT Updates

  • Jared Perdue, P.E. - FDOT

Innovations in Asphalt

  • Leslie Ann Myers, PhD., P.E. - Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

2022 — Orlando, FL

Living Through the End of the World

  • Peter Zeihan

The Road Forward, A Vision for Net Zero Carbon Emissions

  • Amy Miller, P.E. - NAPA/APA

Asphalt By Default

  • Jamie Hill - Gardener Asphalt Supply

2021 — Naples, FL

Mapping the Course - A NAPA Update

  • James Winford, Ph.D., P.E. - NAPA Chairman

What's On the Horizon - New Tests & Tools for Highly-Sustainable Asphalt

  • William Buttlar, PhD., P.E. - University of Missouri


2023 — Orlando, FL

The Year in Asphalt

  • Howie Moseley, P.E. - FDOT

The State of Pavement Construction

  • Rich Hewitt, P.E. - FDOT

Artificial Intelligence "Hey NAPA!"

  • Grant Wollenhaupt - XBE

Transforming Asphalt Pavement Engineering: Harnessing AI

  • Michael Elwardany, Ph.D., P.E. - FAMU/FSU Engineering Department

e-Ticketing in the Sunshine State and the Future of Construction through the Connected Jobsite

  • Michael Gallant - HaulHub Technologies

The Digital Shift: Field Innovations Available Now!

  • Patrick Russo - OnStation

Florida Asphalt Research

  • Greg Sholar, P.E. - FDOT

Best Care Practice - Pavers

  • Jon Elko - Bomag Americas, Inc.

Saving Money and Energy at the Plant

  • Surendra Gatiganti, Ph.D. - National Center for Asphalt Technology

2022 — Orlando, FL

State of the Industry

  • Howie Moseley, P.E. - FDOT

The State of Pavement Construction

  • Rich Hewitt, P.E. - FDOT

Handling Modified Binders - A Contractor's View

  • Michael Worden - Associated Asphalt Partners, LLC

Breaking the Stigma

  • Vince Hafeli - Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, LLC

Florida Asphalt Research

  • Greg Sholar, P.E. - FDOT

Tracking High Polymer Projects

  • Gary Fitts, P.E. - Kraton Polymers U.S., LLC

Warm Mix Asphalt Case Study - Sustainability, Financial and Practical Impacts

  • Steve McReynolds - Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering

2021 — Orlando, FL

Construction and Performance Impacts of Asphalt Mix Additives

  • Buzz Powell, Ph.D., P.E. - NCAT

Rejuvenator Use in Plant Mix Asphalt Production

  • Dallas C. Little, P.E. - Cargill

Evaluating Nearly 15 Years of Volumetric Asphalt Mix Designs for an Entire State DOT

  •  Ben C. Cox, Ph.D., P.E. - U.S. Army ERDC

Molecular Composition of Complex Organic Mixtures

  • Ryan P. Rodgers, Ph.D. - NHMFL

Shifting the Paradigm

  • Crystal Davidson - IBuild Central Florida

State of the Industry

  • Howie Moseley, P.E. - FDOT

The Trucking Industry in Florida

  • Alix Miller, Ph.D. - Florida Trucking Association

State Construction Update

  • Richard Hewitt, P.E. - FDOT

Asphalt Research Update Asphalt Conference

  • Greg Sholar, P.E. - FDOT

Florida’s APT Research Program Update

  • James Green, P.E. - FDOT

Specifications Update 2021

  • Wayne Rilko, P.E. - FDOT


EPD Buy Clean Webinar Presentation

  • Joseph Shacat - NAPA