Membership Information

ACAF’s membership consists of Asphalt producers, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members – all working in or supplying materials and/or equipment for use in the Asphalt Industry.

ACAF is the voice of the Asphalt Industry before the Florida Legislature, Congress, and State government where it advocates the efficient spending of transportation revenue and quality construction that promotes motorist safety, relieves congestion, and improves traffic flow.

The Association provides its members with new and innovative information relating to asphalt and construction specifications.  ACAF works closely with FDOT to formulate specifications for asphalt and construction that improve the quality of the HMA and are reasonable and constructible.  ACAF is an active participant in the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) projects and works closely with the National Center of Asphalt Technology (NCAT) and the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, the National Asphalt Pavement Association, the Asphalt Institute, and the State Asphalt Pavement Associations, Inc.  on mutual goals and activities.

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Regular Member

Regular Members must own and operate an asphalt plant.

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Associate Member

  • Major Associate Members: Comprising asphalt and bituminous material suppliers and aggregate producers, they ensure a consistent supply of essential resources, fostering collaboration and operational efficiency.
    • Major Associate Members: Pay a fixed annual rate of $10,000.
  • Minor Associate Members: This category includes milling contractors, asphalt contractors (non-producers), and specialty material suppliers, who contribute specialized skills vital to the industry's success. 
    • Minor Associate Members: Pay a fixed annual rate of $5,000.
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Affiliate Member

  • Affiliate Members: Private sector companies engaged in the asphalt industry bring diverse skills and services, enriching our knowledge base and fostering networking opportunities.
    • Affiliate Members: Pay a fixed annual rate of $3,000.
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