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Asphalt Training Workshop

Introduction Into the Asphalt Industry and Market

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 to Thursday, April 27, 2023

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Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering offers an introduction to the asphalt industry and market course tailored for entry level positions, sales and marketing personnel and business development professionals. This class is also perfect for anyone who would like a high level view and global understanding of the current industry environment.

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Tanya Nash presenting asphalt binder specification in classroom setting

Industry & Market | introduction to the asphalt industry and its various markets

Asphalt Binder | overview of asphalt binder chemistry, modifiers, specifications and properties

Asphalt Mix | overview of asphalt mixture, specifications and properties

Additive Market | overview of all facets of the additive market and what makes each stand out

Hands on Training | Observe and apply the concepts you learned in a real-world setting - at Duval Asphalt's plant and in the ATS labs

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Tanya Nash
Tanya Nash
Director of Engineering Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering, LLC (904)503-5100x255