2022 FASP Sporting Clays Recap

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On Saturday, October 15th, 2022, the Florida Asphalt Scholarship's Sporting Clays event began bright and early with 90 shooters across 23 teams. Each shooter came prepared to the podium while also contributing to the scholarship fund. This year we raised over $14,000. Funds came from attendee's tickets to participate in clay shoot and from a fundraising raffle during the provided barbeque lunch.

This year the FASP Sporting Clay's event had unveiled a new trophy to be won by the First Place Team. This perpetual trophy will be engraved with each years winning team participant names beginning with 2022 and shall continue for at least a couple decades. A huge Thank You to our trophy sponsor, Gardner Asphalt Solutions, for their contribution to this new addition. Check out the photo of the trophy below.

To see some additional photos of the participating teams click HERE!

The First Place Team! Shooting 340/400
V.A. Paving, Inc. - Al Mallard, (Jose Hernandez - Trophy Sponsor), Justin Hart, Josh Moores, Jeremy Black
The Second Place Team
Shooting 321/400
V.A. Paving, Inc. - Brian Hart, Ben Beck, Maggie Bohne, Karl Bohne
The Third Place Team
Shooting 292/400
AJAX Paving Industries - Mickey Cox, Shane Williamson, Arnold Salinas, Trasaveon Chapman

Top Individual Shooters
Top Male Shooter - Karl Bohne; 95/100
Top Female Shooter - Maggie Bohne; 90/100
Top Youth Shooter - Gavin Hood; 62/100

2022 FASP Sporting Clays Data Analysis

Total number of  clays used : 8,928

Total number of clays hit: 5,262 [Percent of targets hit: 58.9%]

Easiest stage to hit: Stage 4 [Percent of targets hit: 89.0%]

Hardest stage to hit: Stage 8 [Percent of targets hit: 41.6%]

Most difficult substage to hit: Stage 12-A [Percent of targets hit: 24.2%]

15 out of 90 shooters hit 75 or more targets: Which is <16% of shooters

It was such a joy to get together with everyone again after the relaxing annual convention in Orlando, FL this past summer. We look forward to seeing all of you that will be able to make it to our Winter Expo in Orlando, FL. This Sporting Clays Fundraiser event would not be possible without our fantastic sponsors who are below:

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