Suicide Prevention Week, September 5–9

Posted By: David Allain ACAF News,

The construction industry has alarmingly high suicide rates. In 2016, the suicide rates for men in our industry was 49.4/100,000. In 2021, the CDC reported an increased suicide rate of 53/100,000. For context, road construction worker fatalities between 2017-2019 averaged 59 deaths per year in the US when the cause of death was workers on foot struck by vehicles within the work zone.

Discussing mental health at work may seem taboo, but it can save lives. Most would assume that bringing it up at work would cause people to avoid the topic, but in actuality it brings people together to discuss this real epedemic we face in our industry. 


Myth: Talking about suicide may give someone the idea.

Fact: You don't give someone dealing with suicidal tendancies the idea to commit suicide. Rather, talking openly and honestly about suicidal thoughts and feelings can help save a life. Talking about suicide improves mental health-related outcomes and the likelihood that the person would seek treatment. You can help someone find an alternative view of their existing circumstances.

Member Spotlight

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to see how our member, AJAX Paving Industries of Florida, is working to reduce the suicide rates in our industry.


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Construction Suicide Prevention Week