FDOT DCE Memorandum: Tack Rate Change

Posted By: David Allain ACAF News,
The Florida Department of Transportation has issued a memorandum on October 25th, 2021 for the retroactive implementation of specific January 2022 Special Provision and Standard Specification sections. 
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The Special Provisios and Standard Specification Sections that can be implemented at no-cost to the department are as follows:

  • Special Provision 8 - Prosecution and Progress
  • Section 300 - Prime and Tack Coats
  • Section 654 - Midblock Crosswalk Enhancement Assmeblies
  • Section 676 - Traffic Cabinet

The Section 300 specification change was proposed to simplify the tack rates from a total of 5 different rates to a simpler 2 different rates. The tack rates are no longer depenadnt upon the type of mix being place, but only the surface of the existing layer being paved on top of. This helps to reduce the occurance of out-of-tolerance tack rates. The tack application rates as published in Section 300 in the Janauary 2022 Standard Specifications are seen below.

Tack Rate Application Table - Section 300

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